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Reflections from our past

our Administration office

Our first administration office was located in Alert Bay, in the old residential school building often referred to as St. Mikes. The building moved through a series of phases including being partially condemned and our office was eventually moved. As the years passed, finally in February 18, 2015 St. Mikes was decommissioned and demolished.

For a time, our office was located in a house across from the Bighouse in Alert Bay, as the work on our village progressed eventually our administration office was moved to our own village on Harbledown Island. 

The last standing usable structure after returning to the village was the original single classroom schoolhouse that was built in 1957. There were partial remains of a couple houses but nothing that could be used long term. The schoolhouse needed repair but it was worth the time for our office to be relocated to our village. For those that don’t know the schoolhouse was built in 1957, as seen at the foot of the stairs to this day.

St. Michael's Residential School
St. Michael’s Residential School – Alert Bay, BC 
Old entrance to schoolhouse - 1992
Entrance as it was in 1992
Old Schoolhouse prior to renovations - 1992
Old Schoolhouse prior to renovations – 1992
Renovated entrance to the old schoolhouse.
Renovated Entrance showing build date