Protocol is a key part of our culture and the foundation of resource management within our First Nation’s territory.

Following are the protocol for visitors visiting our Territory and for commercial ventures seeking to operate in or extract resources from our Territory:


Visitors to our homelands will enjoy solitude and spectacular scenery.

We ask that visitors respect the following protocol:

  • The territory is our home and source of our foods. Please be respectful of the places and resources during your visit.
  • Help conserve our natural environment, leave nothing behind and please take out what you bring in. Please take your refuse for proper disposal at your next marina stop.
  • Treat Indian Reserves as private property, please do not trespass.
  • Our village sites and artifacts throughout the territory are protected by the BC Heritage Conservation Act. It is unlawful to disturb or remove items. We will pursue prosecution for theft of artifacts or disturbing archaeological sites.
  • Please contact us ahead of time to visit our main village of Tsatsisnukwomi (New Vancouver) on Harbledown Island.




We also appreciate reports from visitors if you see something of concern or observe suspicious activities.

Please observe from a safe distance and note location, date, time, description of the individuals and the vessel, and a description of the activities.

If possible, photos would be an asset. Your assistance in protecting our resources and cultural heritage  is very much appreciated.


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Commercial/Industrial Ventures

The Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation practices responsible stewardship that is respectful of the resources and carried out in a manner that neither harms, degrades, or over exploits the resources or the environment. The Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation apply this holistic view when reviewing proposals for development.

The Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala will consider proposals/ventures that are respectful of our Aboriginal Title to the lands, waters and resources in our Territory.

Preference will be given to businesses which carry out early consultation and continued communication with the Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation.

That development poses no risk to the environment or our natural resources.

That the Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation derive training opportunities, employment and revenue sharing from the venture.

The Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation have both a Land Use Plan and a Marine Resource Use Plan. These plans provide guidance on acceptable activities and resource development in the Territory. Further there are restrictions on certain activities in special areas of the Territory. Proponents are advised to contact the Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation early in your project planning process.

Thank you / Gilakas’la

General Contact Information:

Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala Band Office

Tsatsinukwomi (New Vancouver), Harbledown Island BC

Mailing address: Box 330, Alert Bay BC V0N 1A0

Band office telephone: 250 974 3718