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Governance Committee
Conference call Molly, Trish, Nick, Joan, Sandra, and Lou-Ann
Materials Provided: 5 Pillars of Governance
There is common agreement that this is a good place to start, being open to more people being involved is better than what was done in the past.
There is the potential to draw upon mo

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Governance Committee Notes

Governance Policy Development Committee
June 27, 2015
Coast Discovery Inn,Campbell River
Start time 1:35 pm
In attendance: Norman Glendale, Vina Glendale, Lily Erford, Sandra Glendale, Louann Neel, Nick Chowdhury, Joan Glendale, Jean Glendale, Trish Nolie, Molly Dawson

Discussion on possible agenda items. Nick volunte

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Training/ Employment Survey

Good afternoon Da'naxda'xw members,

We wanted to share a survey that has been developed for us to to help us with what needs we acquire for  training and employment within our tribe.

Please complete the survey on the link below, it will take about 15 minutes of your time. If you require assistance please contac

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Skills And Training Needs

 Skills Assessment and Needs
We hope to learn about some of the skills that our members have and some that may be needed. This type of information would help if we had an opportunity for employment to our membership or an opportunity for training. We would hope to tailor needs and opportunities that are relevant if possible.

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First Nations Health Benefits

Here are some questions to read and and also have your input on our non insured health benefits. Please send feedback for us to bring to the table with Chief and council.

1a> We would like to gather some information about your experience accessing health services and learn about the local health service organizations you may be

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Input from members

Good Morning everyone, I am looking for input from our members on training that you would be interested in. We are looking to apply for funding based on your needs such as; short term training, Long term programs, and what institutes would you be interested in? What is in demand in our areas? What can we do for our future planning?


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Good Morning Everyone! I am currently working on a newsletter with staff, Chief and Council. I am planning on having a quarterly newsletter; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. For those of you who have not sent your updated/correct address, please do so as soon as possible. If you could please pass this on to family members who do not use the intern

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