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Trish Nolie:
Governance Committee
Conference call Molly, Trish, Nick, Joan, Sandra, and Lou-Ann
Materials Provided: 5 Pillars of Governance
There is common agreement that this is a good place to start, being open to more people being involved is better than what was done in the past.
There is the potential to draw upon more than one source for ideas of how to move on developing our governance.
There should be a membership code; this code should have been put in place when we moved to being a custom code band. This is a priority because there is a question about the expectations and roles of our Chief and Council: we have an off-reserve Council member who has yet to engage with any of the off-reserve members.
Do we have policy or process to guide us in this? There is no communication to off-reserve members about his role and the work, what is he doing, and what is he attending?
Expectations of Off-Reserve Council Member
Communicate with off-reserve members, take feedback and concerns in general
Report on meetings what was purpose or intent of meetings and what are the outputs or next opportunities for feedback
Is there a general timeframe for communications regular reporting
What are the next steps when the off-reserve council member does not reach the expectations set out for that role?
How and when do we provide criticism?
We need to address the communication that pointed out our member by name and was poorly stated and publicly communicated
There are pieces that need to be put in place so that policy and process can guide us; we need a membership code, election code and administration policies.
Noted that Nicole has information to share, anyone please remind her to share it via email.
Request for face to face meeting in Campbell River on June 27th
Governance Committee June 27th
Need to review tool guide and work plan commitments to maintain funding from AANDC
Suggested that office provide personnel policy and paperwork to support questions and conversation
Draft Agenda
Purpose of meeting
Identify and prioritize tasks
Current needs and parking lot for future development
Work plan and timeline
Future commitments to how we will get this done
Availability and preferred contact
Plan next steps
Election Code
August 1987 custom code BCR to move to hereditary chief
Councillors will be in place until Chief and Council or membership chooses to make change.
Process for elections and term around our councillors needs to be put in place.
Council Member - Process for enabling term and election
Term how long and what will work?
Council Member Role and Responsibilities
Oath of office
Privacy of information
CRC requirement
Engagement Expectations
Portfolio approach subjects to report on
Carry voice of our membership and report on outcomes
Reporting and Communications Framework
Topic of discussion/update
Time frame for reporting quarterly?
Code of ethics
How campaign is executed
Respect and integrity in all actions prior to and following elections
Recall and non-commitment
Who determines or decides on this matter? Chief&Council? Membership? Committee? Is there potential here for us to make this governance committee a standing committee to come together for future plans and development as well as to review and evaluate when needed.
Elections and Nominations
Nominations process needs to have time for CRC to be completed and filed.
All policies and expectations are to be delivered with nomination to be considered before nomination is accepted.

The key here is communications, two way informing communications and relationships.
There is so much going on in our region and we are unaware of how we are involved.
There is concern about treaty process falling apart; there is no input from members and no reporting back to membership.
Need regular scheduled meetings to provide opportunity for reporting to happen, this would connect to having a work plan in place with measurable outputs for the council member role.
Professional and Institutional Development Program
This is an AANDC funded approach by application.
The budget is understood to be continued as long as we want.
There is a piece in the budget for a coordinator for the project, the job description may or may not be completed.
The question is being put forward to the committee now do we need a coordinator or would we use that budget to support travel and meetings.
Committee Next Steps
Reporting to membership -
Governance building is current work to be completed; do we disband or continue on for no reason? Do we establish new task for committee and operate under different parameters.

Ok, I read it all, I'll do as you say.

If we are a director, it must be relevant to everything.


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