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First Nations Health Benefits


Trish Nolie:
Here are some questions to read and and also have your input on our non insured health benefits. Please send feedback for us to bring to the table with Chief and council.

1a> We would like to gather some information about your experience accessing health services and learn about the local health service organizations you may be using. example - Inter Tribal Health Authority (ITHA) or KDC Health
describe a positive experience when accessing health services, was someone helpful?
describe a challenge you or someone in your family has experienced

1b> What we used to call non-insured health benefits are now known as First Nations Health Benefits (patient travel, vision, dental, etc.)
Based on a recent letter sent to our office about the First Nations Health Benefits process, we would like to learn more about how are members are doing accessing these services.
describe a positive experience
describe a challenge or why you may be frustrated with this service

Your comments make me even more experienced and talk to my friends.


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