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Trish Nolie:
Good Morning everyone, I am looking for input from our members on training that you would be interested in. We are looking to apply for funding based on your needs such as; short term training, Long term programs, and what institutes would you be interested in? What is in demand in our areas? What can we do for our future planning?

This is your opportunity to speak up and have a voice as to what our band is applying for!

Any input is welcome.

Please email myself or Molly or

Thank you for your attention, we look forward to hearing from you.

Gila'kasla Trish Nolie


Lou Ann Neel:
I'm interested in continuing beyond my bachelor's degree to a master's degree, so I want to make sure we have access to funding for that.

I also think it would be useful to have some training programs that will help prepare our own people for running various aspects of our tribe - such as strategic planning, organizational management, administration, bookkeeping, grant writing, project coordination, interpersonal relationships/Human Resource management, business administration, entrepreneurship, traditional arts & harvesting methods, and of course, negotiations.

We need to find ways to start creating our own businesses that will continue whether the treaty process is successful or not.  We have some basic resources, such as our territories, and we certainly have enough people / members who could start and maintain successful businesses.

Nick Chowdhury:
Hey Lou Ann,
As I see there are more calls for information currently, I will check in with our office and see if this comment has been collected.

I am not sure about continued education opportunities, but I will check into training and entrepreneur training for our members.

A good description of it. I understand more about this.

The information is very interesting.


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